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PRIUS Battery Repair

Welcome to Prius Battery Repair in Huntsville.

Looking for a reliable and trustworthy Prius HV batter yrepair shop in the Huntsville area? Look no further! We offer top of the line service for your car at honest and reasonable rates. 

PRIUS HV BATTERIES and other Toyota hybrids are all we do. We do other minor repairs including replacing 12 volt batteries but repairing or replacing your hybrid battery is our focus. We do the job right and return your car quickly.


Prius Battery Repair services include:

  • Replacing a worn out cell
  • Installing a rebuilt HV battery
  • Balance your battery cells

Our Story

The Toyota Prius Obsession


I love my Toyota Prius. It ran 200,000 miles before the high voltage traction battery failed. The dash lit up like a Christmas tree. The red triangle with the exclamation point (AKA the Triangle of Death) was lit up. I took it to Toyota and they diagnosed a dead cell in the hybrid battery. I did not want to pay Toyota more than $3,500 to replace the battery. My Prius is more than ten years old. I replaced just one of the 28 hybrid battery cells and have been running more than 20,000 miles with no problem. I can replace a cell for you and get you back on the road for far less than the cost for a new battery.

When You Need A Battery Battery Choices

Prius hybrid drive batteries, like all batteries, have a limited lifespan. Prius hybrids have been known to go nearly 300,000 miles without failing. However, this is the exception. These batteries typically last from 150,000 miles to 200,000 miles. The age of the car is also a factor. The batteries will last around ten years. When your Prius battery malfunctions you are faced with the choice of what to do. Different companies offer rebuilt batteries. These batteries have varying components and varying warranties up to 3 years. We can install any battery that you want and provide assistance choosing a rebuilt battery.



High quality replacement parts and repairs, qualified employees and fast turnaround time make us the auto repair shop you can trust and count on to have your car running great in no time. We know how important your car is to you and we will treat it as if it were our own. Learn more about the auto repair services we offer.

Has Your Prius Battery Died?

Prius Battery Repair

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Huntsville, Alabama 35801


Phone: 256-881-0009




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Special Offers

We will diagnose your Prius for you free of charge. If your warning lights come on and your not sure what the problem might be, call and bring your Prius in. If you have had your Prius diagnosed but want confirmation or a second opinion we can help.

There are many reasons for the Master Warning light to come on.

 It can be something as simple as the brake fluid being low or a low 12v battery. We can read the trouble codes and even look inside your hybrid battery at individule modules inside it and how they are functioning.

We are happy to do this for no charge.

























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