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  • Chris McClure (Saturday, April 11 15 02:52 am EDT)

    I'm super late on this, but the dealership tried to charge me $6k for a repair to fix 4 different things because of false flags. Huntsville hybrids did it for a tenth the cost and it took an
    afternoon.the benefit of me being lazy is it was July "14 so it's been nine months and it's running as good as ever. Probably the best car maintenance experience I've ever had.

  • Abraham M (Saturday, March 21 15 03:00 pm EDT)

    Charles did a great job with my 2005 Prius. After a long vacation during which my car remained idle, the dash board lit up indicating hybrid battery failure. Toyota dealership suggested replacing the
    battery for $3000+, which was more than the value of the car. I was happy to find Huntsville Hybrids who replaced the failing cell and cleaned up the corrosion in other cells for a fraction of the
    cost (to be fair, the comparison of prices is between apples and oranges - for $3000+, you would get a brand new battery, whereas here, you get a cell or two replaced). But this is an amazing deal
    for those who don't want to spend that much money on an older car. In addition, Charles and his associate were kind enough to even drop or pick me up from my place which I appreciated a lot. I
    recommend them without any hesitation and wish them success in the future.

  • Fred Bourgeois (Thursday, January 01 15 08:21 pm EST)

    Fantastic job! He saved me lots of money and fixed our Prius hybrid battery pack. He replaced one cell in battery, recharged, ballanced and re-installed hybrid battery pack. Prius now runs like it
    did before with no displayed serious hybrid failures. One cell for battery costs about$40. A local Dealer recommended and estimated over $3,400 for full battery pack replacement.
    Our 2005 Prius began showing very serious warnings on the display. OBD ll code check showed error code POA80, which is battery pack error and I surmise dealers typically will recommend replacing the
    entire pack which has a cost of about $2,500 to $3,100 + labor. I thoroughly researched the subject of complete battery pack replacement VS bad cell replacement. FRom everything I read, it appeared
    to me that diagnosing and replacing individual cells was a viable, less expensive option to seriously consider. I spent abvout a week studying relevant topics on the internet, especially on the Prius
    Chat website. I had found Mr. Ware's web page through an internet search. I was plesantly suprised to find a business in Huntsville to do this kind of work. In several conversations with Mr Ware, it
    became obvious to me that he was very knowledgeable, sincere, and honestabout the work. So we dropped the car off on Wednesday and by the end of the day he had found and replaced the bad cell in a
    battery that has twenty eight, and began balancing of the pack. The balancing takes quite a few hours. By Friday we had our Prius back and running great. In Mr. Wares experience doing this work, he
    has not seen battery packs re-built in this way to fail. I feel confident in what he says about his experience. Moreover I have confirmed this in my research of this subject from other sources on the
    internet. This statement has been my experience about which I am extremely pleased and would use Mr. Ware's service againnas a first choice for my Prius hybrid battery.

  • Mike Beims (Thursday, January 01 15 07:47 pm EST)

    Prius Battery Repair, repaired a bad Prius Hybrid Drive battery. First they did trouble analysis and determined whichcell was bad. Then they obtained the replacement part. They replaced the bad cell
    and re-installed the battery. This included cleaning theelectrical contacts on the buss bar that carries the main current for the Hybrid Drive. The 2006 Prius had 130,000 miles on it when it reported
    a bad cell in the Hybrid Battery. This makes the car unusable. I paid the Toyota dealer $95 to troubleshoot it and they said cell #4 was bad, and I needed a new Hybrid Battery with an installed cost
    of $3,400. Through some friends I found out about Prius Battery Repair business here in Huntsville. We agreed on a price $650) and they proceeded to repair the car. Their trouble anylisis came to the
    same conclusion as the Toyota Dealer, except they offer to replace just the bad cell, which the Toyota dealer does not do. Prius Battery Repair replaced bad cell #4 on schedule. When the battery was
    re-installed into the car it reported a different cell bad (#13). They stood behind their work and disassembled it a second time. On closer inspection, there was some hidden corrosion on one of the
    battery health sensing contacts (cell#13). They cleaned the corrosion that was causing a false alarm on that cell, re-assembled and re-installed the battery. Then they kept the car long enough to
    thoroughly test the drive system.
    After they were satisfied that the system was working well they delivered the car back to me. This took longer than I
    initially expected. I consider that fair, given that there was an unforseen complication. At that point they accepted the rest of the money when they delivered the car back to me.
    The repair is guaranteed for 6,000 miles. I have 2,000 miles on the car since the repair and it is working fine.
    One small thing the center seat belt guide is no longer in place at the top center part of the back seat. Prius Battery Repair volunteered to make that right. When I get a chance to bring the car to
    them, they will re-install the small plastic piece. I would definatly use them again.

  • R. Jackson (Thursday, January 01 15 07:10 pm EST)

    These guys absolutely did the unbelievable at a fraction of the cost with my generation 2 Prius. It probably could have cost thousands to repair my hybrid system at any Toyota dealership, as the
    dealer will only do a whole hybrid unit replacement. The Prius Battery Repair shop was able to get my car running properly again, as it was going in/out of limp mode and felt like I was about to be
    stranded at any moment every other time I drove it. No other shop in this town would probably touch it because of the high voltage. I definetly made the right choice using this shop
    Do schedule ahead, plan on dropping it off for repair as there is no fancy waiting room like Toyo dealership. Other than that just leave it to them. Fast turn around. I would definitely use them
    again if the need arises! Yes an A+

  • Michelle Ullman (Saturday, December 13 14 02:01 pm EST)

    Charles replaced my battery twice, thru NO fault of his own. He was super helpful the first go-round helping me to understand all abut the hybrid battery and getting me back on the road quickly. I
    elected to replace the entire battery in lieu of one cell. When that battery failed 4 months later, Charles assisted me, talked with Dorman to help me get this battery replaced, which was under
    warranty. You will not receive better customer service from anyone else - Thank you Charles!

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